In the event that you are incapable to take the driving test the finishing training session is actually used in order to enhance your abilities, you will be able to make use of this appointment as a component of our driving test rescue service. There are absolutely no reimbursements

This particular support service is appropriate just for learner drivers that possess the competency so as to verify that they can certainly without a doubt drive carefully. Ordinarily you are going to be a pupil where for a not known cause your current driving instructor is actually at this time not able to take you to the driving test.

It is crucial for you to become mindful you are going to only be permitted to take the driving test in our vehicle once you have passed a mock test. The service is comprised of 3 training sessions, every session is 2 hours in length. In the very first 2 training sessions you will need to pass a mock test. You are able to have 1 mock test per training session. In case you record a serious fault this is classed as a failure.

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